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                       The main purpose of this Tibetan refugee-documentary film is to raise and enhance awareness about the situations of Tibet, Tibetan refugees and the meaning of their nonviolent struggle in this century.The mainstream media tend to avoid much criticism of China’s activities in Tibet. Some of China’s critics, meanwhile, use the Tibet issue merely as an excuse to bash China, without careful attention to Tibetans or their goals. Many supporters of the Tibetans, on the other hand, idealize Tibetans uncritically, in what has been called Shangri-la Syndrome. Therefore, we also hope that we can do something to remedy the situation.  In other words, we just hope that Tibetans and Chinese people can live together peacefully as neighbors, which will be able to be a very good case for creating a better world.  This documentary film is the Vol.1 of the following Tibetan Refugee Documentary Project, which will consist of three documentaries.  The other two films are on the way.

Why is the Tibet issue important for everyone?

The Tibet issue includes not only human rights violation but also the following many issues: environmental destruction; freedom of religion& speech; economical exploitation; cultural genocide, and (more importantly) the meaning of nonviolence & spirituality in this era. In fact, we can see almost all problems we’re facing in this world through the Tibet issue. Therefore, if we can resolve the Tibet issue together, that means we must be able to have many clues to resolve common problems faced by people all over the world. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said that we Indians could send a strong message to other people struggling for freedom if India gets the freedom back by nonviolence, and further we surely fulfill the unknown biggest contribution to world peace. 

Changing the word “India” to “Tibet,” you will be able to understand the deep purpose of our documentary project.  That is why we say the Tibet issue is very important for everyone in the world.

Reviews of the film (some of the many)

"Because of the big uprising in Tibet this year (2008), the Japanese mass media finally decided to remove its news censorship on the Tibet Issue.  In fact, the Tibet Issue itself has been severely a taboo subject in the mass media especially the TV, while they sometimes introduce briefly and only the Dalai Lama as a Nobel peace laureate or the supreme leader of Tibetan Buddhism.  On the other hand, the Japanese film director of this documentary pressed ahead with shooting in the Tibetan exile community of Dharamshala, India in 1999, when the mass media ignored the Tibet Issue.  At that time, he already understood the meaning of the Tibet Issue in our time. People who start to become interested in the Tibet Issue or are already interested in human rights issues, ethnic issues and so on, should see this documentary film. This documentary is truly an excellent material to understand and think about the issue. The fact of great importance is described in this documentary, which TV commentators can’t weave." (A customer review of Amazon for the Japanese version of the documentary film)

" A first-rate documentary film on Tibetan refugees.  I’m impressed by the director’s work." 
(An associate professor of the National Museum of Ethnology in Japan)  

" I've started to become interested in the Tibet Issue after people's uprising in Tibet.  I could understand very well the historical background of the issue and actual conditions of the refugees through this film.  It shows not only its background and controversial points of the issue but a future vision for it, which is rare in other films.  It is one of good points for this film.  The film also uniquely describes ordinary Tibetan refugees with respect while many other documentaries about Tibet mainly focus on the Dalai Lama or Tibetan Buddhism. Seeing this unique film, you’ll find much information, which the TV hardly covers and shows. " 
(A customer review of Amazon for the Japanese version of the documentary film)  


Support to the "Tibetan Refugee Documentary Project":

If you understand and the purpose of the documentary project, please do support us.
The Tibet issue has been a very sensitive and taboo issue for the mainstream media especially for the Japanese TV industry and related production companies, which are financially supported by private companies doing business in China. They all don’t want to jeopardize their business, arousing a feeling of anger from the Chinese government. (See the untold story behind the first production). 

As the result of that, we can’t broadcast our documentary film about the refugees

in the industry though some staff members there are eager to broadcast it. 

TV companies’ upper management never gives approval.  There is no real spirit of

journalism there.

In addition, the international community including the UN never seriously faces China

as a superpower politically and economically for the Tibet issue though they sometimes

criticize the nation superficially.  An old monk in our documentary said in tears,

“The UN never listens to Tibetans’ sincere appeal…we Tibetans have been struggling

for justice!”

We do need your supports especially financial one to continue to produce documentary

films for Tibetan refugees.  Again, we would appreciate if you can understand the

purpose of the documentary project and support it.

Your donation goes through the Himalaya Archive Japan, an officially certified nonprofit

organization, which supports the Tibetan Refugee Documentary Project.  Your money

will be fully used for activities to produce documentary films for Tibetan Refugees.
Many thanks! 

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